Correlation or Causation

People often say society causes eating disorders. It constructs abnormal physical ideals for women such as thigh gaps or defined collarbones. All of this is true except for one word, causes, which indicates society has this invisible and all-mighty power to dictate irreversible law. However, we make up society, are a part of it, and can change conventions.

This post is not meant to raise awareness about how society has implanted the wrong idea of a ‘pretty girl’ inside our minds. Rather, this post is about relationships. Specifically speaking, correlation and causation.

I disagree with the statement, ‘society causes eating disorders.’ Society does not cause every evil found in this world. I acknowledge that there is a positive correlation between the growing amount of media that encourages skinny, thin girls and the number of girls who suffer from low self-esteem about their bodies but we must remember, we are society. 

How can we sit here and point a finger at everyone else but our own individual selves? Maybe we have not personally partaken in the degradation of females but are we not adding on to it by simply sweeping this problem under the rug labeled society?

I am not disagreeing with the proven fact that modern-day society has dangerously altered the conceptions of true beauty for women but I am simply begging you to take a breath and step back. You were consumed by anger as you took step after step until you were mere inches from society’s face. You wanted to spit at it. Shout at it. Wag your finger at it. You wanted to take society by its shoulders and shake it like a rag doll. And with each step you took, you forgot something very important. The face that you so desperately wanted to destroy was your own. You weren’t walking closer into the face of society. You were walking towards a mirror. You were mere inches from your reflection.

The evils found in others can be found in ourselves. It merely depends on if we choose to uncover it and bring it to light.


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