Quality over Quantity

I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed when I came across an interesting status. I won’t expand on it but all I can say is this: you may seem picture-perfect on paper but in reality, you do not meet those accomplishments.

And here is my letter to you.

Dear fellow former Girl Scout troop member (wow, what a mouthful),

I truly feel for you and your rejections because I, too, was turned away from a handful of schools. I empathize with you completely over the sorrow, frustration, and utter confusion over those rejection letters. 

However, you are lying through your teeth if you think your multiple leadership positions guaranteed you a spot. Want to know how I could say such a claim even though we aren’t best friends? I know because I share a leadership position with you for an honor society that you ignore and I pour all of my heart into.

A job that included rude emails criticizing my work ethics, members who blamed me for their lack of participation, and parents who demanded an apology for the most trivial issue.

And where were you during this whole ordeal? 

Working on college applications? So was I!

Busy with school work? Me too!

Occupied with another club? Check.

Sick? Literally every other week.

Stressed? Still am.

I was there and you weren’t. 

I’m not saying you deserve to be rejected. I know you’re a talented and determined student but please recognize your failures which everyone has, including me. 

But I do want to thank you. Leaving me with the responsibility of single-handily managing an honor society of over 100 members taught me valuable lessons.

There were the rude emails that made me cry but there were also super grateful teachers who appreciated our work. Students who thanked me in person and told me I was doing a great job. And friends who helped me along the way. 

Thank you for not doing your job so I could do both yours and mine.


Your fellow former Girl Scout troop member who believes you will accomplish great milestones in life. Just wait and see what God has in store for you. 


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