Who Am I?

I have yet to commit to a school but I already feel the dread of searching for a roommate. I read dozens of posts from girls who love working out, watching Netflix, binge eating, partying (but not too much), drinking (but not always), and attending sporting events. I actually cringed while writing the previous sentence because there were so many vague and general descriptors. How could you possibly expect me to think you’re a suitable roommate if you essentially described yourself as a human being who breathes, eats, and enjoys entertainment. Like kudos to you for standing out among six billion people on this planet. 

Moreover, the chaos of finding a roommate has led me to question myself and who I am as a person. And thus, you will find below a bulleted list of my characteristics from my perspective (so there are obviously questions about reliability). 

  • I enjoy post-it notes even if they are nothing but clutter. 
  • List making is my hobby. 
  • I’m an avid reader who never has time to read proper books so binge reads buzzfeed.com (if that counts as a work of literature).
  • I don’t believe in the whole “I wish I could memorize school work as easily as I memorize song lyrics” because A) I cannot memorize song lyrics to save my life and B) maybe if you spent less time listening to music than you wouldn’t have to memorize anything…
  • Phrases like “shots fired”, “swole”, “bae” and other terms that do not make any sense are not found in my vocabulary. Instead I view them with disdain. 
  • I’m a slob. You may think I’m organized because of my various paper clips and organization methods but that is all an illusion. 
  • I do not simply watch TV shows. I praise them for their plots, character development, cinematography, and ships. 
  • I do not drink, smoke, or party but that does not mean I would say no if you asked. People think they can take one look at me and know who I “truly” am. And to them I say bullshit. I’m full of surprises and I don’t let myself be limited by other’s narrow minded thinking. 
  • I suck at staying up late. My friends always tease me because they know better than to expect a response at 11:30pm.
  • I’m not a morning person either. I see myself as someone who sleeps when she can and wakes up when she has to.
  • Who doesn’t enjoy eating?! Why has a natural aspect of our lives become a characteristic? Of course I love to eat but I’ll expand and say that I love all different cuisines (thai, mexican, afghan) so I’m down for anything new!
  • You can borrow my stuff but I will breathe down your neck until you return it. Especially if it’s my favorite pen. I mean who comes to college and doesn’t even have a pen. HOW WERE YOU ACCEPTED?!
  • I don’t sing along to mainstream songs. I sing along to musicals and Christmas music. Don’t judge.
  • I did not know this fact about myself until someone pointed it out. I wear a lot of non-bright clothing. There are a lot of subdued and soft colors in my wardrobe.
  • I am quiet and shy. 
  • I am loud and outgoing.
  • ^ these two facts are not paradoxes. In fact they’re called attributes to a normal human being who has her ups and downs. If I were always shy and quiet then I would not be a person. I would be static and trust me, the author in me could not stand to see underdevelopment of an important character.
  • I don’t consider myself a geek or nerd because I don’t think I fall into either category.
  • I am not a hipster (who even knows what the proper definition is)
  • I hate people who cannot be upfront. Tell me the truth. Don’t give me crap about how you’re protecting my feelings. 
  • My biggest fear is that my life becomes full of hypocrisy. 
  • I’m on a life long journey to hear God’s voice (possibly speaking in slang which would literally make my entire lifetime). 
  • I worry (another hobby of mine).

This list could go on and on but my fingers ache and I’m ready to take a ten hour break from working for two hours. 


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