*flashback to Jonas Brothers era*

Anyways, I wanted to alarm everyone and say..I think I’m having a mid-life crisis. Why? Because I’m looking for a roommate (even before I committed to a school) and I’m already positive that I will not find a soul mate and/or best friend. I’m sure I will end up lonely, sad, and dejected.

I see people posting on the Facebook groups but none of them are what I want in a friend.

Okay that’s an exaggeration but I am seriously worried that the student body’s overarching personality will clash with mine. As if I will never find my spot in the school and be subjected to the underdog. Or not even the underdog but that girl who’s always running around but nobody knows her name. 

Sorry for the random post in the middle of the day but I felt like I was about to break down in tears because of roommates, college, school, and just life in general.


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