What You Don’t Know

One year ago: If you asked me for my dream college then I would have said “UChicago” without any hesitation. Chapel Hill was not on my radar at all. In fact, I didn’t even know it existed until a year ago. I added it to my list as a hasty move. I didn’t plan on going anywhere with that last minute addition.

Now: If you ask me for my dream college then I’ll say “I have no clue but it’s definitely not where I think I should go.” I think I should go to UVa because everything is in my favor. Everything except one thing– my passions. I want to breathe, sleep, and live through public service and social justice work. I inspire to step out of my comfort zone by making change, not by going to parties. The motto “work hard, play hard” is lost on me. I admire the grandeur of the school but it lacks substance. Everyone looks gorgeous yet it doesn’t feel natural.

I still haven’t made up my mind which is excruciating because I hate waiting until the last minute but this is an enormous decision. And I do not want to choose after hours of thinking. I want to simply feel my decision. Feel it in my gut.

Wherever I go, I will be happy. But some places will make me happier.



    • soh

      Thanks Ellie 🙂 You know I can’t believe that we didn’t ask each other for prayer requests earlier on. Let me know if you have one.


      • elliedu

        I know, right?? Must have completely slipped our minds. Hmm…maybe just for peace about college and life. I tend to flip flop between planning out my whole life and wanting to run away from it. 🙂


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