The Race

I decided to ban myself from Instagram and Facebook because those two websites cause me grief. They are addictive drugs that have me checking for updates every five minutes. They crush my heart when I upload a post and it gets no “likes”. They inflate my ego by notifying me of how loved I am. They tease me relentlessly about my lack of a social life. They verify the loneliness that I feel. In short, Instagram and Facebook are two social media sites that treat me like trash. I’m kicked aside if I’m mundane but marveled at when I’m brilliantly shining.

There’s no need to run in a race full of people who judge your worth. Even if you finish first, you will still be standing with losers who grumble and gripe about how you’re hypocritical and desperate.

I don’t know how long this ban will last but in the meantime I plan on revitalizing my currently stagnant walk with God.

I’m leaving this race to partake in a journey that ends with genuine happiness. A journey that has no losers or winners– just wholesome people who seek to love and be loved.


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