May You Rest in Peace

Yesterday seven people were fatally shot by Elliott Rodger who sought retribution for his own pathetic life. He could not comprehend why women were not attracted to him. In his mind he was perfect and thus, it was illogical and unfair for him to remain single and a virgin at 22 years old. 

How pathetic. 

He actually believed that he had every right to demand a woman’s attraction and affection. He is like those men who think “no” means “convince me”. And by those men, I’m talking about the rapists, killers, abusers, and so on. The men who believe God created them as superior and subject to all-mighty power which can be wielded without any limits on inferior women. The men who become upset if a woman denies them. The men who take to violence to present their grievances. The men who are wrong.

We are not your wives, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, and aunts. We are your equals. We are your husbands, sons, fathers, grandfathers, and uncles. In other words, you cannot subject us to a certain role in your life because of our gender. Women are not born with the sole purpose of becoming your anything. All you own is a sense of dignity that you can either maintain or throw away with a single act of wickedness towards others. 

I am also deeply disheartened by this tragedy. I do not wish to live with men who are like him. I have no hope for those who are born to fathers like him. I fear the future in which men like him will rule and dominate every sphere of society. 

I end this post with a simple request: may all those affected by this evil man rest in peace, whether you are living or dead. May you rest in peace knowing that goodness will strike back. Light will shine in the darkest corners of this world so keep faith. 


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