I used to admire the people who would travel overseas to do humanitarian work. Saving lives, restoring homes, and comforting those who suffered seemed like such a worthwhile cause. All of this and more would be captured in a single picture of a person from a prosperous nation like the United States holding a small, dirty yet smiling child. In other words, those who sought to eradicate poverty would pose by the most run down huts and then proceed to post it online for all their friends to “like” and enjoy the picture from their cushy homes back West. When did saving the world and making a difference become a photo shoot? Who gave us the right to intrude into another person’s home and take as many pictures as we please? How can we demand equality if we treat our neighbors as inferior and incapable?

You do not save the world by posing with a grief stricken, starving child. You save the world with the help of that child. You don’t save him. He saves you.


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