Falling Slowly

“How’s college?” is a question that is generally expected to be met with an enthusiastic response. Questioners want to hear answers such as “It’s absolutely perfect! I love [insert school name] so much! Go [insert school mascot here]!” However, if you were to ask me that same question then I would respond with “Good.” A succinct yet lacking answer.

But you need to understand that “good” is not permanent, it is temporary. It is a filler for the more descriptive, intricate word that can perfectly capture how I truly feel about my new home. Trust me, I do not regret my decision to attend this school but it’s difficult for me to admit that I’m in love with this place. Why? Because I think it’s weird to confess my love on the first date. It takes more than one night together to learn about your talents, quirks, fears, aspirations, and shortcomings. Honestly speaking, this love was not ignited by a spark. Rather it took some doubt and pondering to finally work up my courage to ask you out. (And by you, I’m referring to my school in case you were wondering.)

So if you were to ask me “how’s college?” then I would say “I’m falling in love with my new home day by day and I cannot wait for the day that my heart is about to burst from the insurmountable affection that I have towards it. Until then, keeping asking because my answer will change as the seasons change and as I grow as a person.”


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