Just the Beginning

I don’t think I had depression but for a while, I was sad. A heavy weight rested on my shoulders. A familiar weariness greeted me in the mornings. A flurry of nerves was ever present. And I had a hardened heart that refused to love, to be alive, to find a reason to pump blood and sustain me.

Now, I’m happy. What changed since then and now? So much that I can’t list it all but I’ll say this: I thought college would be the end of me. I envisioned myself transferring home because of loneliness and depression. I couldn’t imagine myself doing well in a place that wasn’t home, my comfort zone. Yet here I am, smiling to myself as I walk to class because the weight is gone, the weariness has disappeared, and my heart is pumping harder than ever.

I thought college was the end of me. It’s just the beginning.


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