If I had all of the money in the world then I would spend it all on protecting God’s greatest and most beautiful gift to us, planet Earth. Most people refer to the untouched aspects of this world as nature because it is raw and not yet scarred by man. I can’t even imagine if nature did not exist and instead, every inch of our home was restored to its original form.

And thus, it is my greatest wish to move to the pacific northwest or even Canada. Why? Because I’ve seen so many photos of those places and all I see is God’s creation in its first form. There are no man made marks. Just His.

It sounds odd to want to move somewhere just for the scenery but this is the first time that I’ve felt such emotion to praise God for HIs work. To thank him for blessing us with mountains that act as witnesses of decades past of tragedies and victories, trees that stand tall despite the falling of their peers, waters that continue to nourish us, dirt that does not complain as we build entire cities upon it and treat it despicably. It is also strange to attribute human characteristics to aspects of nature but I see it as necessary for us to realize that we were not created to live in structures made by our own two hands. We were not created to let our creations become our everything. We were created for Him to become our everything.


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