To give up. To sacrifice.

I gave up Facebook for a month.

I sacrificed ten minutes every morning to read His Word.

All in the hopes of growing closer to God.

I am not an exception. I’ve uttered the words more often than I’ve actually done it. But this time I wish to not make it about myself. To not focus on the pleasures that I am giving up or sacrificing. Rather, I am laying down my life at the foot of the cross like I always said I would but never did.

I can’t give up or sacrifice what was never really mine to begin with. It belonged to the world.

I write this brief post because I want my friends and family to keep me accountable because I am human and thus, flawed in every way. I will be tempted almost always to give in, to surround to my greed, selfishness, and indulgences.

Until April 2nd, I won’t be doing a lot of things that I used to love doing. Emphasis on used to because now what I love to do has less to do with me than it has to do with Him.

I’m scared but hopeful of what the next 47 days will hold for me.


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