Are You F&%#ing Kidding Me?

I linked my WordPress account to Facebook so it automatically shares any new posts. I’m going to disable that feature so I don’t bother everybody with my soon to be daily posts.

Warning: I ramble, rant, and go on tangents so please bear with me. I would make a table of contents but that seems pretentious. Just follow my lead and text me questions if I lead you astray and into a jumbled mess of empty coffee cups and crumpled papers.

Hey Chancellor Folt!

I appreciate how you didn’t cancel classes because as we all know but refuse to admit, classes = money so missing classes = money wasted. However, I don’t appreciate the ice-ridden walkways. I get it. You tried your best but if you don’t want a lawsuit (or several) on your hands then I suggest you clear the sidewalks for everybody’s safety. I cannot even imagine having to walk on ice if I were on crutches, in a wheelchair, pregnant, or not able to use all four limbs to break my fall.

Also shout out to the DTH!

Thanks for the weekly updates about the BOG’s rather awful and vague decision to whittle down the current 237 centers in the UNC’s school system to the handful that are aligned with the BOG’s views so they feel better about where funds are allocated. Today’s article mentioned how the Center on Poverty, Work, and Opportunity which operates under UNC’s School of Law may be shut down. It was upsetting to read how the center might be shut down but I was beyond infuriated when I read the article online and scrolled down to the comments section. This particular comment by NClaw441 stunned me. It also prompted me to rip his or her comment apart until all that was left were bits and pieces of shredded dignity and the utmost regret for posting such a narrow-minded and obnoxious post. (My comment is still waiting for approval by the DTH so it might not be there because a) of the curse words (I’m sorry but his or her comment really pissed me off) or b) approval takes a while.

Is your blood boiling yet?

If not, read this article from The Rolling Stones that was published in 2014. The title reads, “Why Are Police Using Military-Grade Weapons in High Schools?” I won’t comment because I feel like your reaction after reading the title is sufficient.

Hmm, what about this golden nugget of ignorance?

A few weeks ago at work, one of the second grade girls told me how she hates girls because they’re dumb. Instead, she prefers being a tomboy.

I wanted to weep into my hands as I stood there staring at a girl who reminded me of little elementary school aged Seyoung with her middle parted hair and cool glow-in-the-dark Spongebob glasses. Back then I felt immense pride because I didn’t identify with the frilly dress wearing girls who chased after boys and tried so hard to fit in with the cool kids. What little me didn’t realize is that I shouldn’t direct my anger at girls or boys as a matter of fact. Oh no. Unfair gender roles would not be fixed because I hated stereotypes. No it could only be fixed if I actively sought to destroy them. Rephrasing or modifying them were quick fixes but it did nothing to fix the fundamental issue at hand– women were perceived as weak, unfit, unable, sensitive, overemotional, and a whole slew of adjectives that depict us as inferior to men.

I’m not upset that she hates girl. I’m upset because she thinks being a boy is better than being a girl. That boys have it better.

I refuse to let my children grow up believing that sex and/or gender predetermines their success in the world. Boys are not better. Girls are not better. There is no such thing as “better” when it comes to people because at the end of the day, we are flawed. We are sinful. We are wrong. We are spiteful. We are weak.

Girls and boys should be cherished, not pitted against each other.


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