Molten Core

“She scares the shit out of me” It was meant to be a whisper. But in a silent classroom, the words were heard by everyone near the foolish girl who clearly failed etiquette class and also the super human girl who can literally force yourself to excrete feces. I could feel my usually obnoxious and belly aching laugh bubbling up my throat. Thankfully, I caught myself before I, too, scared the class shitless with my roaring laughter.

The foolish girl amused me with her unfortunately timed comment because throughout the debate, she mocked and poked fun at the superhuman girl who was amazing in every aspect.

Eloquent. Concise. Witty. Intelligent. She rocked the debate and even the foolish girl knew it deep down somewhere in her artificial heart that she calls a soul.

I won’t apologize for my harsh words because the foolish girl was mean. And I sound childish for tattling on her but hey, there’s nothing wrong with being immature. You were handed the short end of the stick by life and it is up to you to mature. In the meantime, you can find me in the front of the classroom speaking with superhuman girl, instead of insulting her from the back of the classroom with your back turned to her.

I pity the foolish girl. She thought she won the imaginary battle of the wits because her friends laughed at her joke. She had succeeded in gaining the admiration of her peasants.

Unfortunately, her brain is still underdeveloped from all the alcohol consumed on school nights so please do not mind her much attention. Her thought processing is still that of a thirteen year old girl and thus, she failed to realize that cracking a joke at the expense of her classmate will not benefit her. Moreover, concealing one’s jealousy with cruel intentions will not last long.

I’m not worried about superhuman girl though. She is a total badass who will go off and achieve great feats. On the other hand, I am truly concerned for the foolish girl. There will come a day when her brain finishes developing and she will realize the depth of the hole that she dug for herself. I shake my head as I write about her because I cannot even imagine the rude awakening that awaits the foolish girl whose whispered jokes are reaching their expiration dates.


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