Late Night Musings

Yak: “Why is it okay to stereotype men but whenever a woman is stereotype ‘stop judging women!'”

Comment: “Man. If women think they’re oppressed they must think black people are still slaves.”

I’ll leave this interaction for your viewing because I don’t think anything I can say will be greater than these words.

Tar Heels at its finest, folks.



  1. insaaf m.

    I’m so sure that Yik Yak is for the closeted racists. It’s so disgusting, I try to comment and fight it but it’s taxing. I recently deleted it, but knowing it’ll still go on kind of sucks. What can you do?


    • syoh

      I deleted Yik Yak for the same reason a while ago but downloaded it again so I could at least be aware of the ignorance. How can I fight what I choose to not see?


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