Dear White People: Hop Off

…is the title of an opinion piece by Ishmael Bishop, a writer (or used to be) on the Daily Tar Heel. When I read it this morning, I wanted to stand up and shout, “Finally!” because his words resonated with me on such a personal and deep level that I believed everybody else would finally see it too.

I was wrong.

I go on Yik Yak and there are so many comments calling him and the DTH out for the “inappropriate” article that is “racist:.” (I use quotation marks because I don’t find them to be true at all.)

People reassure each other by saying, “It’s an April Fool’s joke,” but I wonder if it truly is a joke or simply a well-timed publication.

I took it seriously and agreed with him wholeheartedly. If he is joking then I guess I am a fool and you shouldn’t listen to me.

But his closing line, “You’ve done it. My hands are up, don’t shoot” left me speechless. It was the perfect end to a perfect beginning and middle. He truly brought it home with those words.

I wish I could articulate why I agreed with him so this post has relevancy but I can’t because all I have is a feeling. A feeling that what he said is what I’ve always wanted to do.

To stand up and address a crowd made up of mostly white people and say…

You are a racist. You do not need blood on your hands to prove your guilt nor do you need a token minority friend to prove your innocence. You were born into the group that rules and I pity you, for you cannot escape it by any means. And that’s okay. Just don’t fight it, please. It’s offensive to hear you say, “How come I can’t say the n-word without looking like a racist? How come you can bash on white people but that isn’t racism? I am a victim! Look at me! Reverse racism exists!”

No, it doesn’t. It really does not exist and you just look like a fool. My insults directed towards white people are prejudice, but not racism.

And if you read this post and disagree with me then I advise the following:

1) Leave a comment with a substantive response that analyzes and critiques my beliefs, not my grammar, appearance, etc.

2) Un-friend me because these are my beliefs and if you cannot open your mind to what I have to say then you will come to hate me and I don’t need death threats in my life.

3) Think about it. How can I yield more power over you when you are everywhere. When I have assimilated into your culture so I don’t face discrimination. When I am constantly referred to as a minority, not the majority. When I exist in a hyphenated state (Korean-American, not an American).

Your ignorance is deafening but I’m used to it. Now all I hear is a gentle hum everywhere I go.

But the pressure builds inside my lungs. I find it harder and harder to take in oxygen that is so polluted with your rampant wickedness and hatred. So full of spite that it poisons my lungs.

I can’t breathe from all the bullshit that you are spewing.


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