And the clock strikes midnight

Midnight is honesty hour so here I go.

  1. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t an over-thinker. Life seems so much simpler if I didn’t have any concerns or worries.
  2. “I think I’m in love with you” is my favorite sentence as of now (yes, I have favorite sentences)
  3. Pet peeve #181393: When people use ‘artsy’ or ‘hipster’ as an adjective. When did creativity and imagination become descriptors instead of innate aspects of everyone, just expressed differently?
  4. I can’t pronounce conscience, conscious, and subscription. I’m sorry to those who were affected by my mispronunciations and temporarily forgot how to pronounce them.
  5. Narrow-minded people truly terrify me.
  6. I am extremely unlucky (i.e. splinters under my skin, broken glass bottles, accidental hand holding, the list goes on)

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