Crocheting is Not For Me

I used to hate the question “what are your hobbies?” because I didn’t like anything in particular. I felt as if I were bland. But now I know. I’m a ranter. I like to rant.

If you ever have the misfortune of being sucked into a conversation with me then you’ll figure it out rather quickly that I’m opinionated and have no problem letting you know what’s on my mind. Actually, fun fact: this blog was created for that sole purpose– for me to rant in a free space. Nobody was supposed to read what I wrote because I didn’t want to step on any toes. But now I don’t care if I crush your foot, because if I challenge you, then consider why you feel challenged instead of lashing out at me.

In short, I’m a ranter and I want to share my hobby with you. I shall upload a weekly rant consisting of anything. Anyways just know this post is one out of many to come so unfriend me now if you want to remain ignorant and content with this terrible world that we live in.

Disclaimer: I will curse so don’t read ahead if you want to remain pure (or so you think….) 

For those who can’t use because your family has been around for decades, not centuries:

If you like to read, then read Harvest of Empire by Juan Gonzalez. If you don’t like to read, then read Harvest of Empire by Juan Gonzalez. I can’t say it enough. Read it and be enlightened.

Read it and realize that Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans are hypocrites who obviously have not taken a History class outside of the U.S. Education system, because a) the standard History curriculum for public high schools in the U.S. do not cover Latin Americanization and rather, it prefers to talk about the achievements and slight downfalls of our national government, but rarely do the textbooks go in-depth about our super shady af past with Puerto Rico, Cuba, and other countries where we sort of kind of just showed up, took their jobs, and made everyone live under our command.

Yeah…we sucked in terms of global diplomacy. It was more like “hey I’m gonna ask you nicely, but look at this massive army standing behind me. They’re not purely decorate reasons ya know?” (*pssst think of Teddy Roosevelt and his big stick and no, that is not a sexual innuendo)

But hey, shout out to those who are using the term ‘anchor baby’ as if it isn’t completely dehumanizing and offensive to the children of immigrant parents who sacrificed everything in order for us to have a semblance of a decent life in this country. it’s super cool that you want to kick us out, because you think we’re just “using” your country as a giant birthing land. I just find it so amusing that you think we’re using YOUR country because please tell me, when did the U.S. belong to you? As far as I know, your ancestors massacred dozens of people for this land. So I guess if your hands are wet with the blood of the former occupants of this land then you become the new owner.

But seriously inform my puny little alien mind, where are your ancestors from because I swear if you reply “America” then I will smack you for three reasons.

1) There are two Americas and both are continents so please name the specific country in question

2) Unless your ancestors rose up from the ground as if they were Adam and Eve then shut it because they are most definitely immigrants from another country

3) If you’re targeting immigrants then why are you referring to only Mexicans and Asian-Americans (that’s right, Jeb Bush I’m looking at bespectacled you)? You do realize that being white does not grant you super human powers to somehow avoid being labeled as an undocumented immigrant even though you too came to this country without the necessary 2938373 identification forms and papers? Oh…I get it. Maybe if you’re white then you can slip right through all these dumb bureaucratic traps and avoid deportation because you look like the average American. It’s as if you’re invisible under the eyes of Republicans who are too busy looking at the colored masses to notice their own hypocrisy.

For those who want to burn FAFSA to the ground:

You probably did not see this article because you don’t subscribe to the NYT, which is understandable considering its price. But hey, use one of your passes (10 free articles each month!) to read this one. 

Or not, if you’re extremely lazy. Not really long article even shorter: FAFSA is dumb, asks too many unnecessary questions, and should be simplified for the ease of low-income students who are burdened by the financial lingo of the application.

Now read this lovely comment from Catherine:

Why should we dumb down the first hurdle to make college easier?

You don’t deserve a high-school diploma if you can’t fill out the FAFSA. It. Is. Just. Not. That. Hard.
Furthermore, before we celebrate more people entering college, we need to take a good long look at the consequences for those who start and cannot finish. Leaving school with a degree and debt is one thing. But tens of thousands of debt for a degree you could not finish is dire. It leaves a struggling young person in a worse predicament than had they gone straight to work, to an apprenticeship or into the military.

I hate to break it to you, Cathy, but it. is. just. that. hard.

After reading this article, ask yourself this simple question:

From whose perspective did you consider the difficultly of completing the FAFSA? In other words, were you thinking from the POV of someone who regularly files their taxes, owns assets, has a checkings/savings account, and even has a retirement plan? Were you thinking from the point of view of someone who is financially literate? Did you ever consider the families who do not file taxes regularly because of reasons like unemployment or homelessness, or the families who do not have checkings and savings accounts?

Before you criticize this article and say, “Well, if you can’t fill out the FAFSA, then you shouldn’t go to college,” ask yourself another question: What kind of student do you think has the right to attend college? A student from a family who knows it all or a student from a family who’s trying to figure it out?

(shout out to the nyt for selecting my comment for readers’ turn

I am unashamed to admit that filling out the FAFSA and CSS application were the most difficult and grueling part of college applications. Why? Because my mom does not give two shits about proper tax filing etiquette and doing everything “by the book.” Honestly I can bet good money that if you come from an immigrant family then your parents probably did the same thing as my mom did.

I remember crying in frustration because my mom did not understand what ‘adjusted gross income’ was. We would get into shouting matches because of her lack of understanding and my incredibly short temper/patience.

Google Translate also failed me at this crucial time…

For those who want to play a game:

Directions: Replace the underlined names/pronoun with anything else you can think of (i.e. Darren Wilson, Michael Brown, 12, he) and it’ll make sense probably 9/10 times! Hooray for consistency in the US Justice System!

All charges were dropped for white police officer Randall Kerrick who shot unarmed Jonathan Ferrell 10 times. He died. And the officer walked.

Of course he* did.

For those who don’t read the news:

I’m sorry if I already offended you with my reaction when I found out you don’t read the news. Everyone has their own reasons and I understand completely. Keeping up with the news is a privilege not afforded by all.

I didn’t even try to read the news on a daily basis until last year. I thought it was a waste of my time to talk about the failing economy of xx country or the rampant corruption in xx country when I could use said time to figure out how in the world I was going to afford college tuition. I had more pressing matters at hand.

Except everything has changed since then. I’m in college (!!!) which means I do have the luxury of opening a newspaper and reading about some event that happened 2000 miles away from me, but affects me somehow because yay capitalism and imperialism!

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to let you off the hook.

Please take a moment and care about this world, because it’s yours even if you don’t realize it. 

If you won’t listen to me, then listen to her. 

You’re already in college. Why resist the fight to change the world when you’re already equipping yourself for battle?

And that is the end of my first weekly rant. Let me know what you think. Be honest and critical, but if you’re mean then I’m blowing up your comment and sending it to all of your friends so everyone can see your pettiness.

Enjoy yourselves and cheers to another day!


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