If Only All Wasps Could Be Squished

Stop dilly-dallying and take 14 minutes to watch this short film, Un Buen Carnicero. I can’t predict your reaction, but I’ll share mine.

I cried.

Tolo is like my dad who came without documentation to the United States in his early 20s. My dad who worked low skill, paid under the table jobs because he had no other choice. My dad who developed resilience because he needed to keep on going. My dad who firmly believes in smiling and carrying on as if everything is alright. But he’s not foolish. His grin conceals his hardened heart.

A few days ago, I told him how I felt alone because I was the lone Asian in a classroom/on campus/in a country full of White people. He replied, “Seyoung, that’s America. No matter how hard you work and where you end up, you’ll always be beneath them. They’re White, and you’re not.”

It broke my heart to hear his resignation. He wasn’t spiteful, just tired. Those 30 years left him scarred by the cruelty of those who cannot accept differences.  He has lived longer in the U.S. than he has in his home country, South Korea. His home is here.

I don’t believe his words to be true and I won’t let them become true.

But if they are and I’m too naive to see it, then…

Honestly, I don’t know. I really do not know.

If I ask you a yes-or-no question, then you should respond with yes or no. “I can’t respond” is not yes or no. “I can’t respond” is “I don’t want to be fired so let me just evade your question.”

Because “I support ALL of my students, regardless of immigration status” is not a difficult sentence. Hiding behind politics is cowardly.

Dear hateful bald white man: You are a fully grown man who is picking fights with college students. You need to leave high school behind. Pick on someone your own size.

Fun fact of the day: Human beings are social animals. We like groups, but we’re not part of all groups i.e. outgroups. The ones we are a part of are ingroups.

Another fun fact of the day: I want to live by myself in the middle of nowhere so I can avoid groups entirely.

I discovered that I am low key pissed and stressed 24/7. Thanks to a Hokie for pointing that out. Hope y’all are recovering from that loss to OSU.

Underage drinking exists. Obnoxious drunk people who trash bathrooms also exist. Pissed off suitemates who can’t find the stolen trashcan exist as well.

You know what doesn’t exist?

Common courtesy.

This weekly rant could’ve been much harsher, but I wanted to live to see another day so I restrained myself. If you’re eager to hear the juicy details, then remind me when I’m on my death bed.


One comment

  1. elliedu

    You have a good heart that wants to see justice, and we live in a flat-out shitty, fallen, hierarchical world of people who step on each other. Of course you are pissed. I’m pissed. Heck, Jesus was pissed about this stuff.

    Keep fighting for good, lady. It’s all we can do. Thank you for your honest words.

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