Almost Part II

So here I am yet again– sitting in an uncomfortable chair on the fifth floor of Davis library. I won’t even begin to list what I have left until I am free. Instead, I’ll tell you what I’ve learned from my second year of college.

  1. ygg
  2. Invest your heart in friends who will (hopefully) invest their hearts in you. Even if there are fights, hold on and salvage what’s left.
  3. Don’t drink coffee before an exam. You will crash during the written portion and find yourself dozing off while making stray marks on the page.
  4. Prepare yourself for another round of broken hearts over people who won’t (or can’t) care for you the way you care for them. Then mend your heart because love is on the way.
  5. Snacking is dangerous and if necessary, an intervention must be staged.
  6. An early bedtime is nothing to be embarrassed about. I will freely admit that I do not possess the willpower to stay up past 2AM. I am weak. I am human. I love to sleep.
  7. Pretend you’re living in the 20th century and call people. You’ll be surprised by how one phone call can make (or sometimes ruin) your day.
  8. It doesn’t hurt to try (unless you’re about to jump off a bridge or swallow cinnamon. Don’t try. I repeat, it hurts so don’t try).
  9. Consider this: what’s the difference between ‘I love you’ and ‘You are loved by me’?
  10. It’s okay to change your mind. Or your major. I’ve done both and look at me, I’m alive.
  11. Run to Franklin St when dook loses. Politely shove people out of your way as you bellow “F YEAH UNC” in your most lady-like voice.
  12. Challenge authority. Challenge gender norms. Challenge yourself.
  13. Treat yo’ self to a magical mocha (which is no longer an option due to privatization a.k.a. CAPITALISM).
  14. Randomly shout “SEXISM” in a church van with 14 other people who have no idea what you’re spouting this time.
  15. Check out books at the library because there are no limits (I hope not) and you’ll look like an intellectual with all of those books surrounding you. Boys/girls will be dying to peek behind those stacks to catch a glimpse of your puffy, bloated face and greasy hair. Impress them with your intellect and lack of sleep/proper hygiene.

In short, repeat your first year of college with old/new friends and experience the same emotional roller coaster* that you’ve been riding since day one.


*Psst. I was referring to life if you didn’t get it.




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