au revoir

26 minutes ago, I finished my last final. It wasn’t like my first year of college when I walked (or possibly even strutted) out with a giant grin and plopped down on the grass. I trudged out of the building, bid adieu to my horrendous 8 o’clock class, and returned my textbooks. There was no relief, satisfaction, or sense of achievement.

I just wanted to go home.

But before I leave, I’ll share a few (or a dozen) lessons learned this semester.

  1. Spending time by yourself can recharge you, but loneliness will drain you.
  2. Sometimes, your friends might be too busy to stop and check up on you so do it yourself.
  3. But don’t turn them away either.
  4. There’s such a thing as “soul sadness.”
  5. As often as you critique yourself, do you ever take the time to appreciate yourself?
  6. You can’t always be in control.
  7. Mourn the loss of magical mochas.
  8. Cancer is scary.
  9. Always take out your laptop when going through security at the airport or else the cranky TSA people will bark at you.
  10. I’m sure your mom loves you, but calling her three times in a single day while walking somewhere is excessive.
  11. Shout out to moms who we can always count on to pick up the phone.
  12. Respond to texts as soon as possible. In other words, it’s not cool to ignore your phone for days at a time.
  13. When someone asks “how are you?” it’s okay to say more than “fine,” but don’t consider it an impromptu therapy session.
  14. Crying isn’t a sign of weakness.
  15. It gets better.

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