Would you stay with me anyway?

Nine minutes ago*, I finished the last final of my junior year. Now I will share with you a list of lessons learned from my third year in college. I’ve been (somewhat) consistent since freshmen year, sophomore year, and half-way through junior year. Here we go once more:

  1. I finally found my walk-up song (shout out to Sarah and Acy). It’s Anyway by Tori Kelly. Go listen to it, text me if you agree, or suggest another song that embodies my essence.
  2. It’s never too late to make new friends.
  3. If you want a tattoo, go out and get one (after saving up, of course).
  4. There might be days when you break down crying, but it’s okay because your family and friends are only one call away (especially if they’re your ‘favorites’ on your phone).
  5. Go to lecture as often as you can muster up the courage to because reviewing 300+ slides in the span of two days before your final is demoralizing.
  6. Sitting outside and basking in the sun is therapeutic.
  7. Chirping birds at 5am is stress-inducing.
  8. Dance whenever, wherever, and with whomever.
  9. Make playlists even if you’re not “into music” because then I can add you on Spotify and stalk you on another social media platform.
  10. Be bold even if your hands are shaking and your breath is wavering.
  11. Pay attention to your school’s basketball team because when a stranger in a bagel shop in NYC starts a conversation with you about their recent win in the ACC championship, you want to say something more substantial than “Uh huh? Really? Wow!”
  12. Invest in a white noise machine.
  13. When a friend calls you and needs you then all you need to do is simply listen.
  14. Find yourself and when you do, revel in it.
*It took me a while to finish writing this post…

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